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Your Guide to Study in New Zealand from top Consultancy in Kathmandu

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand : Top Consultancy in Kathmandu will Guide

In case you want to study abroad but falling short of the means to travel and stay, you might want to hold on and consider to study in New Zealand, as our top consultancy in Kathmandu explains why it is the ideal and worthwhile choice for you before you finally give up on the idea of studying abroad.

You may not yet be aware of the fact that New Zealand ranks 3rd in the world when it comes to education and literacy. And, it has consistently maintained its rank since 2017. Yet, it’s quite an affordable deal-even for immigrants. Their educational system is based on the British system of education, and their public institutions are just as amazing as the religious and private ones. Also, among the diversity of courses offered by institutions in New Zealand, the ones most focused on by the Government of New Zealand include:

  • Agriculture/Horticulture
  • Arts humanities
  • Business studies
  • Community education
  • Trade training
  • Nursing

However, New Zealand being already an affordable country, the Government does not allow students to work for more than 20 hours in a week. This ensures that you do not have to compromise on your studies while you attain your college degree.

Another fact that may surprise you if you are considering to study in New Zealand is that residents of this small island in a corner of the Pacific Ocean fall ill less often compared to other countries. This might be because Winters don’t go lower than 10 degrees while Summers don’t go beyond 25 degrees. You can, thus, be sure to experience an extraordinary climate there. Also, hospitals are usually free-of-cost, although surgeries may have waiting lists unless it’s an emergency. Health insurance is relatively affordable as well.

Another major reason why our leading consultancy in Kathmandu recommends considering New Zealand for studying abroad is, your application is not “directly” rejected, compared to other countries around the world. Their policy allows you to explain your side of the story too, in case it comes in the way of acquiring your visa or permit. You do not have to pay high rates of taxes either, throughout your period of study in New Zealand.

Furthermore, if you are convinced enough by now to study in New Zealand, you’ll never feel lonely and/or out-of-place with the exceptional diversity of culture you’ll find on this small island. They follow a no-discrimination policy strictly; and you need to be least worried about their attitude as they are among the laid-back, ready-to-help, and easy-to-go communities. You’ll feel at ease the moment you land there.

And, you can be rest assured about choosing a course that suits your needs with our consultancy in Kathmandu, which will provide you top-notch guidance.